Kitchener's Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wished waking up every morning with those long, dark Bambi lashes? Well, you are not alone. Almost every woman of all ages, at one time or another has taken steps to try to get the lashes of their dreams.

While there are false lashes and mascara that can be applied at home on your own as a temporary fix, but if you rather not want to mess around with glue and these falsies or are looking for a longer-term solution that offers a set of lashes that look and feel natural, then eyelash extensions are right for you.

Professionally applied lash extensions are a semi-permanent treatment that provides you a long-lasting enhancement to your eyelashes, giving you a fuller and darker look.

Stylin' Nails - Lash Extensions

What to Expect

Once your appointment has been booked, we will send you tips on How to Prepare for Your Lash Extension Appointment.

Given the complicated nature and the duration of the procedures, you will be asked to visit the washroom just before your appointment begins.

The lash artist will then briefly go over with you regarding your expectations, personal taste, health and thickness of your natural lashes. The shape of your face and eyes as well as any allergies you may have will also be considered. The artist may then recommend a set of extensions and/or style that may be right for you.

The lashing procedure for a new set can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete, depending on the extension set and style chosen. A fill procedure is about 1 hour long. To start, you will be asked to make yourself comfortable as you lie on your back on a comfy bed-like cushion while the lash artist sits behind your head.

Once your eyelashes have been appropriately prepared, the artist then place silicone pads under the eyes to shield the bottom lashes and begins to delicately affix each extension to the individual natural lash using stainless steel tweezers.

The procedure is painless – you just have to lie still and enjoy the relaxing background music, while letting our lash artist works her magic hands. Throughout your entire appointment, you should not feel anything other than just a few brushings through the lashes every so often.

Our friendly and courteous professionals will make every effort to ensure that your lash extension procedure will be as comfortable for you as possible.

At the end of your appointment, you will be given instructions on Post Treatment Care of your new lash extensions.