Health and Safety

At Stylin’ Nails salon, health and safety is our top priority, not only for our therapists but also for all of our visitors and clients to ensure that our business continues to run effectively and nobody’s health is put at risk.

All metal and reusable tools such as acrylic tip cutter, cuticle scissors, nippers, pushers, scrapers and cutters, diamond drill bit, foot files, diamond/glass files, nail clippers, footbath etc., are sanitized and disinfected between uses with intermediate- to high-level disinfectants as per Public Health Ontario - Guide to Infection Prevention and Control in Personal Service Settings”.

All single-use / disposable items such as buffing blocks, wood sticks, sponges, pumice stones, pads for removing calluses, toe separators etc., are discarded after each use or they can be taken home with you after treatment.

You can rest assured knowing that at Stylin’ Nails salon, we use ONLY industry's top quality products, maintain an immaculate environment and exercise the very best nail practices at all times.

The links below describe procedures that Stylin' Nails follows with regard to cleaning and disinfecting all reusable tools and equipment between uses: