Kitchener's Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes, also known as American volume lashes, are half way between classic lashes and volume (Russian) lashes. In the past few years, hybrid lashes have become extremely popular, particularly among young women. This hybrid technique uses a combination of 1:1 classic lashes and the ultra-light handmade lash fans, in a one to one ratio, to create a perfect mix of fluffy and textured lashes without much drama.

Hybrid lashes truly offer you the best of both worlds – lashes that look denser than classic lashes, but without the uniformity and softness of a typical volume lashes.


  • A great introduction to volume (Russian) lash extensions.

  • A perfect 50/50 mix of classic and volume lashes offering definition and fullness.

  • Great for clients with weaker lashes or with natural gaps in their lashes – lash fans can cover any existing gaps.

  • Approx. 190 - 200 extensions per eye depending on availability of healthy, natural lashes.

  • Wispy and natural without much drama.

  • Denser and fuller than classic lashes.

  • Uneven and spiky looking.