Acrylic Nails

Acrylics have been around the longest, widely available and are the least expensive when compared to other nail enhancement options. Acrylic nails are a “two-part system” that requires mixing a polymer powder with a liquid monomer to form a blob of dough that is sculpted onto your nails. This strong acrylic layer acts as a base for the actual nail polish to go on.

Acrylics has traditionally been a very popular choice for those that don’t have long nails, but wish to add length and strength to their natural nails. It is also a perfect solution for those that have a tendency to bite their nails as the acrylic layer is extremely strong and has an unpleasant taste.

While acrylic nails have the advantages of being protective of your brittle and weak nails, very durable, resistant to cracking, chipping and cheaper than their counterparts, they do come with a number of drawbacks such as the followings:

  • The acrylic layer can make it difficult for your nail to grow.

  • When poorly applied, your natural nail underneath may become a source of infection.

  • The odor from the liquid monomer can be extremely unpleasant.

  • Acrylic nails tend to look unnatural and can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear.

  • Acrylics tend to stain easily with prolonging exposure to sunlight or tanning.

  • The removal process is difficult and can pose a risk of damage to the natural nails, especially, if not done by an experienced manicurist.