Dip-Powder Nails

Dip Powder has started to gain in popularity in recent years for its lasting gorgeous colors and the simplicity of its application. Similar to Acrylics and Solar, Dip Powder also come from the same acrylic family. In terms of quality, it is superior to the traditional acrylics but equivalent to solar. With the dip system, the color that the client chooses to go on their nails is the actual color of the powder itself.

For each dip powder treatment, an appropriate amount of the NEW dip powder is transferred into a disposable container to be used for the treatment. Any leftover powder at the end of the procedure is discarded. This safe practice ensures that any health concern associated with the traditional dip method is eliminated.


When comparing to the traditional acrylics,

  • The dip system uses a lot less chemicals

  • Nails stay more flexible and natural looking

  • With proper care, you can expect result to last for 2 to 3 weeks chip-free.

Treatment Procedure

  • Your nails are appropriately prepared for dipping.

  • The nails are then dipped, one by one, into the colored powder of your choice.

  • The fully coated nails are then sealed with multiple layers of a resin-based agent.

  • And finally activated to create a strong and smooth polish finish.

This treatment helps strengthen your brittle and/or weak nails. The whole process is done completely dry to ensure the strongest adhesion and the best result possible.