Bio Scupture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel is the high-end brand among the gel manicure products and is considered the best nail enhancement system available today. Unlike other acrylic-based nail treatments that require a two-step process, Bio Sculpture Gel is truly a “one-step” vitamin-rich nail care system that strengthens and stimulates the growth of your natural nails.It can be applied directly onto your natural nails, gel extensions or tips without the use of primers or dehydrators in order for the gel to adhere to.

Once cured under UV light, your nails will stay strong, but extremely flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish for several weeks. Among the various nail enhancement options, Bio Sculpture Gel is the most expensive, but offers many valuable benefits. This treatment option is highly recommended especially for those with dry or damaged nails that are in desperate need of a boost of nutrients.


  • Extremely flexible with the most beautiful and natural look

  • Gel nail extensions are highly resistant to crack, tear or splinter – great for nail biters

  • Will not be affected or damaged by water

  • Will not stain when S-Gel or UV-Gel Coat is used as a last layer.

  • Depending on the condition of your natural nails, Bio Sculpture Gel can last for a minimum of 3 weeks.

  • Does not cause any fungus or nail mold.

  • Very minimal buffing and no primers, dehydrators or pH balances needed for nail preparation.

  • Removal is simple with Bio Sculpture Soak-off (Gel Remover) without damaging to the natural nails.