Nail Repairs

In the event of an accidental breakage of a nail, whether it is natural or artificial, you should get it repaired promptly by a professional manicurist to prevent any further damage to the nail. Sometimes you may be tempted to fix it yourself, by gluing it back on to your nail, however, we would strongly advise against it, as this can cause bacteria or moisture to be trapped under the enhancement and results in an infection.

Acrylic Removal

What better way to have those fabulous-looking nails for weeks than heading to your trusted local beauty salon for that favorite manicure. Unfortunately, due to the natural nail growth, which will typically start to show around two to three weeks and after your nails have extended excessively. When this happens, it can be quite unsightly and you might want to consider either filling them in or have the polish completely removed in preparation for a new replacement.

Whatever your needs may be, the professional manicurists at Stylin’ Nails are ready to help. Our experienced therapists will safely and carefully remove the appropriate coats of polish and/or extension without risk damaging your natural nail. While you may be tempted to do this at home, we strongly advise against it as you could risk damaging your nails and the nail beds if the removal is not done properly or your nails not treated appropriately.