Shellac Manicure

Did you ever find yourself going to a beauty salon to have a manicure done and only to find that your polish starts to chip away within days if not hours? It’s an experience that many of us all have had. Well, now you can say goodbye to those chipped nails and say hello to an innovative BRAND NAME gel product – SHELLAC, which is sometimes called gel polish.

In fact, Shellac has been formulated as a gel-polish fusion that applies like a nail polish but is durable like gel. This nail enhancement product offers you truly the best of both worlds – the longevity and no drying time of gel with a flawless look and shine of a polish.


One Important benefit of a Shellac nail enhancement system is in its removal process. Due to the formation of microscopic tunnels formed throughout the Shellac coating, it can be easily and quickly released from your nails with acetone. This in turn, minimizes or eliminates any potential risk of damage to your nails.

While the removal process is simple, we strongly recommend that the Shellac polish be removed at a trusted nail salon rather than doing it yourself to avoid risk damaging your nails and the nail bed.

Unlike a regular manicure, a Shellac manicure allows your nails to look flawlessly with chip-free and crack-free for a period of at least 2 - 3 weeks. The only reason that you may need to return to the salon for treatment is due to the cuticles growing out, however, the Shellac polish itself remains durable and intact.

Given the many great benefits that Shellac offers verses regular polish, the small extra cost is definitely well worth it.