Stylin' Classic Manicure

This is a traditional and simple way of getting a nail treatment. Perfect if you are new to manicure or just need a quick nail make-over with the intention of changing your nail design or color every few days. Regular polish is notorious for chipping shortly after its application, and typically only last a few days.

  • Upon your arrival, you will be warmly greeted and kindly asked to do a quick hand-wash with water.

  • The manicurist will typically begin with your hands soaked in warm water to help soften the skin and cuticles,

  • Followed by cutting, buffing and filing to ensure your nails are of the desire size and shape.

  • A warm towel hand wrap will then be applied along with a relaxing and gentle massage with moisturizing lotion/cream. This refreshing hand massage helps improve blood flow to the hands and relieves muscle tension – a perfect treatment for those with arthritis or texting thumb.

  • The treatment finishes with a regular nail polish of your choice

  • The optional Shellac Polish is available for a small additional fee.