Nail Treatments

Women are very beauty conscious and mindful of their appearance, especially when it comes to their fingernails. They consider their nails to be an important aspect of their overall beauty and thus are very mindful of maintaining their nails in perfect order. In fact, manicure treatment is viewed as one of the most popular beauty treatments for women today.

There are as many treatment options as there are personalities and styles. The decision can sometimes be difficult to make. But, whatever the choice may be, as long as it makes you feel great, and at the same time, being compatible with your day-to-day life style.

Whether you prefer your nails to be short and sweet, with coffin shape; natural and glossy or super long and bold, the professional manicurists at Stylin’ Nails can buff your nails to perfection and add a wonderful finishing touch to any outfit.

Thanks to the advancements that have been made in nail polish formulations, there are now many safer nail care options that go far beyond the traditional style of painting them over with regular bright colors. These newer formulas are expected to be better, healthier and allow you to have that long, gorgeous, perfectly shaped nails with perfect color that lasts.

At Stylin’ Nails, we are pleased to offer our clients in the Kitchener - Waterloo Area, with a full range of nail enhancement options using the latest technology and the best professional nail products currently available in the industry. Among the most popular manicure techniques requested for nail enhancement are French/Ombré (perfect for Brides), Acrylics, Solar Powder, Dip Powder, Shellac Manicure, Bio Sculpture Gel. Add-on services include Repairs & Removal as well as Nail Art Design to get your tips looking their very best and long lasting for every occasions.

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